40 Below

Have your coffee
and eat it too!

A caffeine treat that is fresh because

it's cryogenically frozen

40° Below Joe is now available in your own freezer

40 Below Products


40 Below Products

Add some fun
into making
your coffee

Who says you have to drink coffee the boring, traditional way? Whether you are a caffeine lover who can’t start the day without that steamy cup of Joe or you are someone who likes to explore new coffee trends, you now have options.
You're in full control.

40 Below Joe coffee
40 Below Joe coffee

Start Cool. End Steamy.

Step 1

Fill your cup half way with frozen beads.

Step 2

Add hot water, leaving a little space at the top.

Step 3

Enhance your coffee with 40° Below creamer beads already mixed in.

Stir and Enjoy!

40 Below coffee and tea
40 Below
40 Below coffee beads

Be cool. Stay cool.

Say hello to an energizing frozen treat that’s ready to eat!

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40 Below

What's Different?

  • fresh
  • versatile
  • easy
  • flavor & aroma
  • no waste
  • no coffee machine
  • no grounds
  • no filters

Why are frozen beads so cool?

He brought you Dippin’ Dots®, now he brings you coffee and other frozen beads. Through experimentation, Dippin’ Dots founder Curt Jones discovered that you can take fresh roasted Arabica coffee beans and flash freeze them in liquid nitrogen, locking in the flavor, freshness and of course, fun. The result is a convenient, great-tasting treat. The flash freezing process is also ideal for hot beverage drinkers, as you don’t have to worry about your coffee losing its flavor or freshness.

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Don't just sit on the sidelines

We have no doubt that you will love 40° Below. In fact, you might love it so much that you want to operate your own 40° Below Joe kiosk. If so, learn the details of what it takes to become one of our dealers.

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